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[Pre-setting of zoom (please set before class)]

・ Please register the zoom app in advance. .

・ Please set zoom login even if you are from a pc. .

· Zoom login settings of thank you for your registration in your name that has been registered Once you have completed! .

スクリーンショット (825).png

[What to do after connecting zoom (to do on the day)]

① Please access from the URL that guides you! .

② If you enter your ID, please enter the meeting ID that you will be guided to. .

③ The host gives permission. Please wait until you get permission. .

④ The connection will be connected. .

⑤ Make sure that you can hear the sound properly. .

⑥ Please check if the screen is confirmed properly. .

⑦ Mute your microphone! .

[Zoom environment (please prepare the connection environment]

Please place the screen in a position where you can see all your faces! .

The desk may be too low or the screen may be too far away! .

Be sure not to turn off the screen! .


Please take the course in a bright place where you can see the facial expressions! .

It may become dark due to backlight. .


Please be in an environment where the surrounding sounds are not bothersome! .

Please refrain from making noise such as rattling around in cafes. .

* If you have small children in your home, or

It may be difficult to respond, such as when a delivery service arrives or there is a visitor at home.

Since the class time is fixed, there will be time for other students, so we will do it without interruption. .

Please acknowledge it beforehand. .


* Delivery to home, children, etc.

If the sound comes out in some situations, you can turn off your own sound with zoom! .

I will paste it below, so please check it before class. .


Please go to the bathroom before class

[Zoom preparation]

・ Drinks, etc.

・ Notes

・ Pen

[Zoom notes]

Text is done in PowerPoint. .

⬛︎ Text copy / screenshot is OK! .

■ You can also record lesson content.

⬛︎ I found that the ZOOM recording function cannot be used from my mobile phone! .

If you want to record, please see from your PC or use the recording function of mobile phone situation.

■ The recording could not be saved, the sound was muted, etc. Please check the ZOOM site in advance as we cannot handle it here.


* You can understand the content of the lesson you shot.

Please do not teach or talk about the content.

[Zoom operation button]

PC version

スクリーンショット (824).png

Mobile version

スクリーンショット (824).png

[When operating the zoom button]

① First, mute the audio settings when you enter zoom!

* Because you can hear the sound of your house, it will be difficult to hear the class!

* When you want to talk, unmute and talk!

② "Can you hear the sound? 』\

Please use the stamp for the reaction at that time!

③ If you are not good at asking questions, or if it is difficult to say during the department, please use the chat function!

We check from time to time!

④ The screen recording function is only for PC!

If you have a mobile recording function, please use it!

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